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About 401Kidz

Welcome to 401Kidz!

In the months ahead, you’re going to see this little site explode with exciting things to do and places to go, all with the goal of entertaining kids while they learn about money management. 401Kidz is bringing our saving and investing know-how into the home, with games, interactive tools, dynamic curriculum and on-line financial management designed for children and parents to learn, save and invest together.

Soon you’ll find interactive financial games, quizzes, educational contests, curriculum and resources to increase your financial literacy. Family financial fun is what it’s all about!

It’s important that the games and information you find on 401Kidz address the needs of parents and children. That’s why we’ve teamed with companies like Save For America and Sharebuilder, to provide kids and parents with products and services designed especially for them. At 401Kidz, you’ll be able to check your Save For America savings account balance from your home computer, or buy fractional shares of real stock through Sharebuilder.

There’s a lot of fun stuff coming to 401Kidz.com.  So take this time to look around the site.  Learn more about the 401Kidz fantasy stock game, our partnership with Save For America and how to open a Sharebuilder account through 401Kidz. And get ready to watch us grow!

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