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How To Play

Now you can play the 401Kidz fantasy stock game!

Here’s how:

  1. Register @ 401Kidz. Contestants are limited to one entry per person.
  2. Each contestant will be allocated a one-time $1,000 in fantasy money to make fantasy trades during the contest.
  3. Search for stock quotes by entering a company’s ticker symbol.
    • You can only trade stocks that are currently posted on the exchange. No IPOs.
  4. Trades are made, by entering the dollar amount you wish to buy.
    • When selling, you must sell all your shares or "close out" that stock.
    • Trades made after closing will be at the closing price.
    • Trades made between the hours of 5:30 am and 6:30 am may be executed at the 6:30 am price.
    • 401Kidz reserves the right to reverse or modify any trades it believes are not in the spirit of the game.
  5. Trades will be executed within 30 minutes of being placed.
  6. 401Kidz will adjust portfolios according to split and dividend information reported to 401Kidz by its sources. 401Kidz reserves the right to make corrections in the case of errors. 401Kidz and its information sources will not be held liable for any errors resulting from inaccurate data including split and dividend information.
    • After a split, you must wait for the split to be reflected in your portfolio before selling the additional shares.
    • Dividends will be paid to portfolios holding shares of the stock at the open of this date.
    • You may not trade a stock on a day on which it has a reverse split.
    • You may not trade a stock on a day on which its ticker symbol changed.
    • If you believe an error has been made due to a split or a dividend you may request an adjustment by emailing webmaster@401Kidz.com. 401Kidz reserves the right to decline any requests for adjustments.
  7. At the end of the contest, portfolio value will be determined by net worth of securities plus cash

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